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Have you got a shoulder impingement?

Recent evidence by Azin, Z. et al. (2023) explains subacromial shoulder impingement syndrome as “painful and functionally impaired shoulder exacerbated by overhead activities”. This condition is characterised by an encroachment of the glenohumeral joint space which encompasses the rotator cuff tendons, bicep brachii, the shoulder joint capsule and the subacromial bursa causing their inflammation and degeneration.

The study concluded that both manual therapy and exercise therapy were effective for the treatment of patients with a shoulder impingement. These findings suggest that a combination of trigger point inactivation and joint mobilisation may be clinically effective for this condition.

So can we help at Phyxit? Yes we can!!

2024 Concussion guidelines

Are you or someone you know participating in a contact sport this season? If so, you must have a look at the updated concussion protocol. As we know with emerging data, concussion must be taken seriously. The SMA have come out with a statement…





06 Jun Sit heaps, tight hips? Quick tip!

Do you get tight around the front of your hips? Esp if you sit all day? then want to get out and get active - your hip flexors could be holding you back.Check out this quick video to see if these stretches may help you....

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01 Jun STOP! How’s Your Posture RIGHT NOW!

Are you sitting at your desk? Doing homework on the computer, sitting watching TV ? How is your posture right now?Here are a few tips on getting it better straight away.If you feel you want a more in depth assessment or some advice and exercises...

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25 May Sit a lot in your life?

Do you sit? Do you find you get stiff in your upper back?Find out an easy way to help loosen up your upper back - this fast and friendly clip with give you a simple and self help technique you can start straight away.If you...

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20 May How to get rid of back pain?

Here at Phyxit, we see a lot of patients suffering from back pain. You see, as an expert in back pain management, I see a lot of weird and wonderful things in the clinic and I get asked a lot of questions.So today, I want...

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20 May Is knee pain holding you back?

Knee pain is one of the most common injuries we see in our clinic, this is partly due to there being many different types of knee pain. But today I want to talk to you about the most common knee injury we treat here, it’s...

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