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06 Nov ASK CAT: Your neck and weights

Do you DEADLIFT?? 💪Is your neck safe and stable when you do so?Here is a short video made by Cat - starting with the basics on neck position for your deadlifts and giving some great information on how to safely perform a deadlift!...

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18 Oct ASK CAT: The Scorpion Stretch

Watch this video to get some amazing tips from Cat about how to do a scorpion stretch!- Great to incorporate into your stretching routine - Creates rotation through the back, thoracic spine and hips - Amazing for all those who spend lots of time at a desk...

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18 Oct CAR SET-UP 101

✅Are you in your car a lot? ✅Do you have any back or neck pain? ✅Are you planning on making a long drive?You NEED to watch this!! This video could be crucial for you!We absolutely LOVE 😍 this Video of Ryan and John going through how to...

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