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Have you got a shoulder impingement?

Recent evidence by Azin, Z. et al. (2023) explains subacromial shoulder impingement syndrome as “painful and functionally impaired shoulder exacerbated by overhead activities”. This condition is characterised by an encroachment of the glenohumeral joint space which encompasses the rotator cuff tendons, bicep brachii, the shoulder joint capsule and the subacromial bursa causing their inflammation and degeneration.

The study concluded that both manual therapy and exercise therapy were effective for the treatment of patients with a shoulder impingement. These findings suggest that a combination of trigger point inactivation and joint mobilisation may be clinically effective for this condition.

So can we help at Phyxit? Yes we can!!

2024 Concussion guidelines

Are you or someone you know participating in a contact sport this season? If so, you must have a look at the updated concussion protocol. As we know with emerging data, concussion must be taken seriously. The SMA have come out with a statement…





07 Jun ASK CAT: Noisy Knees

Do you have questions regarding “noisy” knees??Why do my knees make a noise when I squat? Can I do anything about it? Is it really an issue? Is the noise due to the same thing in everyone?Find out here! Please comment or PM any other questions around this...

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