Services - PHYXIT Physio and Injury Clinic



The gateway to the Phyxit solution is a one-on-one session with a highly-trained Physiotherapist, who will assess and treat your injury, then develop a personalised injury management plan.


We rely on evidence, not guess work, so a full assessment of your injury and the way your body moves will be completed. We can undertake biomechanical assessments in the clinic using the latest in sensor technology, ViMove, and you may be referred for specialised medical scans such Xrays or MRIs.


Your physio will then work with you to develop your own injury management plan. Depending on the injury and what you want to achieve, this may include development of sport-specific rehabilitation programs, dry needling, joint mobilisation and manipulation, soft tissue mobilisation, muscle energy techniques or therapeutic and sports taping.



The same technology that elite athletes and sporting teams are using around the world to manage performance on the field and measure injury rehabilitation is used as part of thePhyx solution. We see ViMove as integral to our successful injury management


planning. ViMove sensors attached to the body accurately and objectively record how you are moving and what your muscles are doing when you’re sitting or exercising. Our trained physios can then interpret that information and design personalised programs that achieve exceptional recovery results. We can even program the technology to warn you when you’re moving in a way that could risk further injury.

Sports and Dance Screenings


Ever wondered whether you’re at risk of injury by participating in your chosen sport? A specific sports screening pre, during and/or post season is the answer. Here at Phyxit we specifically tailor sports and Dance screening to the requirements of your chosen sport. Whether your injured or not, a specific sport screening is essential to identify areas that may need attention to prevent injury. Muscular and neural tightness, strength deficits and stability dysfunction will all be looked at in depth through hands on clinical assessment with your physiotherapist and a ViMove assessment if required. Results from these testing techniques help our therapists to recommend strategies to keep you on the field throughout the whole season and beyond. We carry out Tertiary Dance Screenings in House - Book Online and Book "Screening" or call the Practice to secure your Screening time.

Sports Rehabilitation


Whether its casual sport on week nights or competitive sport at the highest level, no one enjoys sitting on the sideline. Becoming pain free is only the first step in the injury recovery process. Return to exercise and return to sport is an essential part of the rehabilitation pathway. Here a Phyxit, we pride ourselves on ensuring injury recovery and exercise prescription is individually tailored to our clients goals. All sports and leisure activities are different and hence its important that exercise prescription fits the needs of the activity you wish to return to. Whether its running, swimming, bowling, computer sports or anything in between, we can help you return to what you love doing and ensuring you are well on the way to long term injury prevention.

Post Operative Rehab


For the majority of musculoskeletal injuries regarding surgical intervention, the surgery part is only the start of getting you back on your feet. Rehabilitation after surgery is essential to ensure the integrity of the surgical repair is maintained and efficient return to activity is achieved. Here at Phyxit we pride ourselves on communicating with your specialist and other health professionals involved with your treatment, to ensure an exact, individualised program is developed. This includes decisions about progression of exercises, return to work and return to sport. A thorough pre and post rehabilitation program will encourage a speedy recovery and prevention of re-injury. Whether it’s a total hip replacement, hand and wrist injury or post back surgery, post-operative rehab is for you!

Dry Needling


Dry needling is a technique used to target and release problem muscles and areas. Through the use of a thin acupuncture needle, your therapist aims to release any trigger points or ‘knots’ that may reside within the muscle and relieve any tension within this region. Dry needling techniques include targeting the muscle at a local level or the issue from a global approach. It is a quick, effective method for pain and muscle spasm relief. Dry needling can also be used as a release technique pre exercise prescription, to ensure the target muscle is the correct position for strengthening.



UltraWave™ massage therapy is a self-contained, user-operated, dry hydropressuremassage therapy bed that combines the benefits of floatation, heat and massage to relieve pain and stress -all without the user undressing, getting wet or undergoing personal contact. We’re seeing some great results from Ultrawave when used between our other Phyx sessions.

Core Phyx


Deep core and pelvic floor stability is an essential component of back health. With modern day lifestyles tending towards increased sitting time, lower back pain and back related injuries are on the rise. Corephyx is designed to target these deep muscles that have direct attachments to the spine to keep your back and pelvis stable and healthy. Your therapist will design you an individualised core stability program to suit your lifestyle and goals. Regardless of your shape, size, occupation, activity level or lifestyle, core strength is an integral part of keeping you involved in what you love doing.