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12 Nov ASK CAT: Neck strength

Watch this fabulous video from our amazing physio Cat to learn about some great ways to test and work on your neck strength!Give the clinic a call today on 02 4228 9229 if you have any concerns about your neck strength or are experiencing pain!...

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12 Nov ASK JAMES: Running Exercises

In this great video, James runs through some great exercises which runners can easily incorporate into their routines.This video is an extension of previous videos James has made with even MORE stretches in them! ...

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06 Nov ASK CAT: Your neck and weights

Do you DEADLIFT?? 💪Is your neck safe and stable when you do so?Here is a short video made by Cat - starting with the basics on neck position for your deadlifts and giving some great information on how to safely perform a deadlift!...

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18 Oct ASK CAT: The Scorpion Stretch

Watch this video to get some amazing tips from Cat about how to do a scorpion stretch!- Great to incorporate into your stretching routine - Creates rotation through the back, thoracic spine and hips - Amazing for all those who spend lots of time at a desk...

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18 Oct CAR SET-UP 101

✅Are you in your car a lot? ✅Do you have any back or neck pain? ✅Are you planning on making a long drive?You NEED to watch this!! This video could be crucial for you!We absolutely LOVE 😍 this Video of Ryan and John going through how to...

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