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02 Nov Be-FIT Hangtime

Here we are at Hangtime ‍with Chantelle - Manager extraordinaire. We are going to chat  to her about exactly what B-fit is and how to get involved.Its nearly summer and about 4 weeks before the Christmas Partieds start! So why not get involved in an awesome for of...

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05 Oct Get GOING Safely this SPRING

Summer 🏊🏌🏄is almost here and let’s face it with today’s weather SPRING🌼🌻💐 is definitely here - so how to get out from under the Doona and exercising this spring Safely!!!Fit For Change has given up their time to come and talk with me about how...

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13 Sep What’s Brendan up to!!!!!!

Ready to get the low down on Functional Training?Want to know what the hype is about.Want to know What Amy's top 3 exercises are and why - but more importantly how to do them. Watch Amy demonstrate and talk us through her favorites, what they...

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28 Aug Look after your Tradie!

Tradies National Health Month - live in action.You want you and your mates to be safe on the job, right? So be your workplace health champion and do something about it.Choose physio and find a Phyx.Slipped a disc way back when? Niggle in the knee?...

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28 Aug Pelvic Floor With Cat

We were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of The beautiful Tam from The Pilates Workshop- who came and filmed this informative video on Pelvic Floor - Physio and Pilates. Tam is a true professional and is always furthering her own...

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23 Aug Guess Whos back??????

Guess who's back. ????Kate Wells - our in house ACL in back in town.She Popped in today to say HI and do her program in the Phyxit Gym.Kate Saw her Surgeon today and had her stitches out. All reports are good. Check out this...

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