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FIFA 11+ Soccer Program

The Fifa11+ is an injury prevention programme which has been specifically designed to prevent football injuries. It was developed by an panel of international experts to build on earlier injury prevention efforts, including the PEP programme and FIF11+. The program takes 20mins to complete and is designed to be performed twice a week. No specific equipment is needed, which makes for a great program for all ages and levels of experience. 

Start of the 2021 Hockey Season!

The 2021  season is about to start – let’s hope the rain holds off on our first weekend of play. This season will see the return of championships across the state through all ages from our Juniors to our over 60’s. The ISCH Hockey Family is back!

06 Apr MASSAGE MONDAY – Cupping explained

Cupping therapy is often referred to as "fire cupping" because (as most cupping pictures will illustrate), the Chinese Medicine Practitioner needs a flame to complete the procedure. The Practitioner lights a cotton ball on a hemostat on fire, quickly inserts the flame into the glass...

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20 Mar PHYSIO FRIDAY – Swimmers and shoulders

The STATS! (USA current stats from elite programs)82% of elite male swimmers report shoulder pain Competitive swimmers:10K-20K yds/day Average of 8-12 strokes per 25yds Over 1 million shoulder rotations per week Lifetime injury incidence of 47-73%Large moment arm to reach and pull through the...

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