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10 Dec ASK CAT – Top Tips for Backs!

Cat has been down at Pulse Fitness Training - working with their Challenge ladies going through some top tips around back issues, control and stability.Watch this short video to find out some great information about how these tips can apply to you!...

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27 Nov Lawerence Stubbs and Swim Tips

Guest speaker - super ocean swim coach - Lawerence Stubbs.Ever wanted some cheat notes and top tips for Ocean swimming. Check out these few tips. Great advice to take into your training esp for the Australia Day Aquathon JAN 26 2019. Even grab some top...

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12 Nov ASK CAT: Neck strength

Watch this fabulous video from our amazing physio Cat to learn about some great ways to test and work on your neck strength!Give the clinic a call today on 02 4228 9229 if you have any concerns about your neck strength or are experiencing pain!...

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