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PHYSIO FRIDAY – Swimmers and shoulders

20 Mar PHYSIO FRIDAY – Swimmers and shoulders

The STATS! (USA current stats from elite programs)
  • 82% of elite male swimmers report shoulder pain
  • Competitive swimmers:10K-20K yds/day
  • Average of 8-12 strokes per 25yds
  • Over 1 million shoulder rotations per week
  • Lifetime injury incidence of 47-73%
Large moment arm to reach and pull through the water which generates large forces on the shoulder
SO WHAT they can do –
1) TECHNIQUE – make sure they have good technique to help decrease injury rates.
2) MAINTENANCE! – Stretch, Strength, Physio, Massage, Active Rest and good nutrition.
3) EARLY DETECTION of imbalance and irritations.
If you are a swimmer – even if not at these levels but regular – come and get a screening and make sure you aren’t at risk.
Shoulder and Back mobility is crucial and as we age can decrease – these changes can creep up on us. Much better to be ahead of the injury than having to deal with one.
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