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PHYSIO FRIDAY – BPPV: Symptoms and treatment 💪

17 Apr PHYSIO FRIDAY – BPPV: Symptoms and treatment 💪

– The symptoms of BPPV can include:
 Sudden episodes of violent vertigo.
 Dizziness and/or nausea.
 Movements of your head trigger vertigo.
 Your vertigo may last 30 seconds to a minute.
 Your eyes may drift and flick uncontrollably (nystagmus).

BPPV tends to come and go for no apparent reason. An affected person may have attacks of vertigo for a few weeks, then a period of time with no dizziness symptoms at all.

– Who can diagnose/treat BPPV?
It is important to know that dizziness/vertigo are common symptoms to a wide variety of medical issues, meaning careful differential diagnosis is important. BPPV trained Physiotherapists and Doctors are trained in the assessment and treatment of BPPV.

Phyxit has several BPPV trained physiotherapists. Please call them to book your appointment to discuss 🙌