Shoulder Pain - PHYXIT Physio and Injury Clinic

Shoulder pain is a very common condition that can occur through traumatic and a-traumatic incidents. Pain can be a result of direct trauma, repetition or overuse, degeneration or referred pain from another joint such as the neck. The shoulder is an extremely mobile joint at the comprise of ligamentous and bony stability. Therefore the interactions of the muscles that surround the shoulder joint is extremely important.

The shoulders most common injuries include: Shoulder dislocation/sublaxation, Rotator cuff injury and/or tendinopathy, Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis), subacromial impingement/ bursitis due to dysfunction of bony and muscular structures and labral injuries. It is also very common that shoulder pain can be referred from injury or dysfunction to the neck and/or mid back.

The above mentioned conditions are only some of the possible diagnosis for shoulder pain. Some of these other conditions have similar symptom patterns so it is important to have your shoulder assessed thoroughly to specify correct line of treatment. At Phyxit our experienced physiotherapists focus not only on your shoulder joint, but all other joints involved in shoulder health and rehabilitation. This ensures that all aspects of the injury is addressed and a comprehensive rehabilitation program is developed. Shoulder pain is often the result of dysfunction in other joints of the body and hence a thorough physiotherapy assessment is vital to your recovery.