PHYXIT Physio and Injury Clinic | Headache

Headaches are a common condition that can make every-day activities painful and difficult. Headaches can occur in many different forms such as cervico-genic, tension and migraine related. They can occur at the back, sides and front of your head and can often move. Frequency, duration and intensity of headaches are also very individualised, with some being a dull ache and others a searing pain that stops your from doing your activity.


Triggers for headache’s often include posture, repetitive movements, extended periods of sitting at the computer and stress. The most common form of headache is a Cervicogenic headache. This is often triggered through extended periods of tension through the muscles of the neck. This is a form of referred pain, meaning that the area that the pain is felt (headache) is coming from a different part of the body (neck and back).


Physiotherapy can assist with all forms of headaches. Techniques including joint mobilisation, soft tissue release, head and neck control retraining and home exercise programs for strengthening and stretching, can all assist with the reduction of headache.


At Phyxit, we aim to assist clients with headache reduction, as well as develop programs that help to prevent the headaches from returning. This may also include advice regarding desk and work space set up, posture and holistic health.