Ultra Wave massage therapy. Be revitalised in minutes!

Discover how an UltraWave™ massage therapy bed session can revitalise you minutes!


UltraWave™ massage therapies are performed by a self-contained, user-operated dry hydropressure massage therapy system that combines the benefits of floatation, heat and massage without the user disrobing, getting wet or undergoing personal contact.


Using heat, massage therapy, and full-body floatation, the UltraWave™ massage therapy bed works to relieve the body and allows your clientele to experience all that life has to offer. In addition to pain and stress relief, a wellness program consisting of regular massage therapy can provide benefits to both your client’s long-term health and personal well-being.


Extensive research, development and continous refinement have resulted in a very simple looking and operational but truly innovative system of providing a hydropressure massage therapy experience. It truly delivers on its promise of an express destress massage therapy.