Fitvibe. Controlled whole body vibration.

Controlled Whole Body Vibration

In a conventional training session, only 40% of the muscle fibers are exercised; with controlled Whole Body Vibration or cWBV training that percentage nears the 100% mark. And it is not only the muscle tissue that reacts. Application of cWBV also has a positive effect on tendon tissue, bone tissue, the nervous system and hormonal balances.


Whole Body Vibration is an engineering / medical term. It involves shaking or jolting of the human body through a supporting surface (usually a seat or the floor), for example when driving or riding on a vehicle along an unmade road, operating earthmoving machines or standing on a structure attached to a large, powerful, fixed machine which is impacting or vibrating. It has a negative connotation.


Controlled WBV aims to harness the positive effects of WBV, with a fixed and constant amplitude, and a fixed and well-balanced frequency range. Additionally, fitvibe’s Personal Coach explains and visualises the right posture for each exercise. Fitvibe vibration plates are designed with the user’s safety and health as paramount priorities. All randomised vibrations, like the ones associated with whole body vibration, are excluded. This is also the reason why a well-balanced vibration plate is so important.


  • Program set up – requires an assessment consultation with one of our qualified Physiotherapist.
  • A Vi Move assessment will be incorporated so as to be able to monitor your progress and set up your individualised program so as to get the most of your time with us.
  • Ongoing use will be in within our gym setting with a subsequent visit with the Physiotherapist every 4 weeks during us to upgrade and monitor your progress.