Back Pain . A common condition making everyday activities painful and difficult

Back pain is a COMMON CONDITION that can make everyday activities painful and difficult. During your recovery it is important to stay active and try and do as much of your normal routine as possible.


Low back pain numbers

  • 80 % of adults experience LBP at some point in their lifetime
  • Over time, 90% of patients with acute lower back pain fully recover
  • LBP accounts for 40 % all missed workdays
  • More the 90% back pain is not caused by a serious condition


Lower back pain can include pain felt in the back, buttocks and legs. Lower back pain is very individualised and can come on slowly or suddenly. Some people find that changing position, reclining or lying down helps relief the symptoms.


What causes lower back pain?

While there are many causes of LBP, most people have ‘non-specific low back pain’. This means that there is not one specific disease or abnormality causing the pain. Common causes of lower back pain include trauma, pulling/pushing activities, repetitive activities, age and poor health. However sometimes something as simple as bending to pick something up off the ground can trigger a pain response.


How can physiotherapy help lower back pain?

Lower back pain can often be highly related to instability and overuse of the muscles and joints within the body. Physiotherapy can assist with releasing the tension in the muscles, mobilising joints and developing home exercise programs to help with regaining full mobility and preventing the condition from reoccurring. Your health professional will also advise if further investigations are required and point you in the right direction. Here at Phyxit we aim to work closely with other health professionals to ensure a holistic approach to your health.