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ACL Injury – What is it and how to recover from one

23 Nov ACL Injury – What is it and how to recover from one


The most common Knee injury we see here is an Anterior Cruciatae Ligament Injury. It occurs when a patient over-stretches or tears the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee.

As it is one of the most common knee injuries, I want to share with you some more information about it to help you recognize when you have it and how you can recover from the injury.

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An ACL injury can keep you on the side line for weeks, really affecting your quality of life, not to mention the high risk of developing further damage that can lead to intensive surgery.

Get your ACL injury treated as soon as the pain arises though and you will be back out there enjoying your sport, pain free and best of all you will know how to prevent injuring your ACL in the future.

So what causes an ACL injury?

There is a range of ways you can injure your ACL, the most common causes of an ACL tear we see are changing direction rapidly, landing incorrectly after jumping, slowing down too quickly after sprinting, direct contact – such as a footballers tackle and changing direction rapidly.

When you injure your ACL you may hear a popping noise and feel like your knees give way from under you.

What are the symptoms?

Along with hearing the popping sound and feeling your knees give way, you will experience a loss of full range of motion and discomfort whilst walking. You will also notice pain relating to swelling, if this pain is ignored and you attempt to return to sports your knee will be unstable and you risk doing further damage to other ligaments and cartilage.

What is typical treatment of an ACL Injury?

Ensuring you recover fully and avoid reconstruction surgery it is highly recommended you undergo physiotherapy treatment. We will present you with a rehabilitation program, depended on the severity of your case, this will generally involve leg strengthening, balance training and functional enhancement.

Our physiotherapist are experts in getting you back to the sports you love, so it is important you trust their expert recommendations. The aim of our physiotherapy treatment when treating an ACL injury is to reduce pain and inflammation, strengthen your knee, improve your technique and function when running, squatting, landing and walking as well as minimising your risk of re-injury.

If you are suffering from a suspected ACL injury, or someone you know is contact our clinic today on (02) 4228 9299, we can discuss temporary pain relief and arrange an appointment to get you back to doing what you love.